I’ve been sound asleep all evening and only woke up as another helicopter landed above me and the wind sucked my window shut with a bang. Now I have to tackle both my 20h and 22h pills at the same time. Such are the challenges before me just now. The day started with a shower. Should be relaxing? I had to call for help to dry and dress myself, I was so knackered already. Keith visited. Second drain out. New development: mouth fungus – ugh. Met A. Who is admitted for the first big thymoma op tomorrow. We got in contact through the online Cancer Forum. She has a great attitude, and in the good hands of my first surgeon. Had to assert myself and ask the lady in the next bed and her noisy 4 hour visitors to kindly chat outside; turning my hearing aids off didn’t cut it. I need rest more than anything, so next update in 2 days.