Since Tuesday recovery was going backwards not forwards; I was getting increasingly tired and puffed. Thursday I went to my GP to get the stitches taken out from where the drains had been and could hardly make it to the end of the road for the bus. The nurse checked me over and sent me straight back to hospital. An Xray showed a partially collapsed lung. I now have a new drain in to remove the air from around my lung, which was very painful and resulted in 3 doses of morphine, which in turn have made me feel dizzy, tired, shakey and muddled-headed. Hence this tardy update. I have just made it along the corridor and back without panting and am getting 3 treatments with an inhaler to help open out the alveolar. I should be home tomorrow. Why did it happen? The doctor said it was rare. Unlucky. I wonder if it was the coughing fit I had on Monday? At least it’s nice to be getting back on track.