I’m not too sure about how to update; the track doesn’t seem to be leading anywhere. I am less able to walk around without getting puffed out than I was when I first left hospital. In fact yesterday I returned to get them to check me out. My lung in fact looks very good, which is enormously reassuring, so why am I so exhausted and puffed? Would it help if I were less scared and felt physically stronger?

I know it was a huge operation and it will take time, but progress does seem to be very slow. I wouldn’t say I feel frustrated, I’m following the psychologist’s advice and accepting that this is where I am at the present. I don’t have much problem with snoozing and daydreaming for most of the 24 hours. However, being a great believer in the power of suggestion, I decided to hone my self hypnosis skills which I learnt years ago from a doctor to overcome the fear of flying. I settled down with a CD “Dawn over the Australian bush” and successfully relived the wonderful feelings of swimming in the warm waters of Arena island off Palawan (the geographical miss-match is immaterial!). My message to myself is: “I am getting better”.

In this context I’ve been wondering about the differences between TM meditation marketed by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 60s, the current enthusiasms for Mindfullness and hypnosis? I instinctively feel that one should be on one’s guard. Any comments?