Last week I made it as far as the elephants – twice, and twice managed to go for short walks on my own.

Friday I saw the physio at the Frederiksberg Cancer Centre, who was most adamant that my labile emotions are because of “all that I’ve been through” and are very unlikely to be a side effect of the Oxycocon: keep taking the pills! It’s hard to distinguish what are pains from stiff muscles in my back and sides and what are pains from damaged nerves. She assured me that I will do myself no harm doing simple, gentle stretching exercises and rotating my shoulder blades from time to time during the day. Seems pretty OK!

I also signed up to try out yoga on Tuesday afternoons. The nurse last week had thought I was too frail yet, but since I do meet the only criterion which is that you should be able to get up off the floor unaided. I think I’ll give it a shot.

I’m not up to cycling yet. I did give it a try to the end of the road and back. Balancing was OK, but I was completely puffed out. It is amazing how different it is getting around town when you don’t cycle. To take a taxi, you have to have a lot of time and a lot of money, partly because the traffic moves slowly and partly because the one way systems mean you can’t go in a straight line from A to B. Getting around town on the buses is OK, they are pretty good, but there are waits at interchanges and walks to and from the bus stops. I’m investigating the possibility of an electric bicycle.

The next week will be busy: Monday a blood test, Tuesday CT scan and yoga. I also need to make appointments with the psychologist and my own doctor for more pills. Looking forward to Sunday afternoon there is a Concerto Copenhagen concert.