Today we went to see the nutritionist to check up on what we could do to help me get stronger. I weighed in at 49 kg (up 1 kg from after the op). I’d prepared for her questions about what and how much I’m eating by taking photos of every meal for the last week. She made notes, calculated and finally concluded that my intake of protein and calories are meeting my needs. So I continue with my present diet, including the daily 500 mls of the special home-made lactose-free egg yolk, banana, yoghurt and cream shake. One thing I can do is to drink more fruit juices instead of water to up the calories a bit. We have a follow-up appointment in a month.

I’ve been in touch with my doctor, who suggests changing the way I take the painkillers: I continue with the 8 panodil daily but now I’m back on the slow release Oxycodon, but just one a day, and then I can take the quick acting ones as and when I need to. I do so very cautiously bearing in mind the current news stories from the US about the ease of addiction to these opioids.

The really big news is that I am now the proud owner of an e-bike. It is taking a bit of getting used to, but is huge fun to ride. I just need to improve my stopping technique. The bike has back pedal brakes. These are not used in the UK so let me explain for my British friends. To brake, you pedal half a rotation backwards, which means that as you glide to a halt both feet are “up” parallel to the ground. But now to be able to step off the bike, I need to be able to stand on the left pedal so I can then put my right foot on the ground. However, pushing down on the left pedal a quarter turn in order to stand on it, means that the electrics kick in and the bike lurches forward. Um!