Keith has been out singing a lot this week and I managed to make him dinner one evening. it was the first meal I have cooked in months, was fun but utterly exhausting.

Being in the kitchen made me think about Christmas and that I really need to find some suet (nyrefedt eller oksetalg) to make a pudding. The butcher (Slagter Friis) sadly told me that they so very rarely even sell kidneys these days. However, on Wednesday they are expecting half a buffalo (or was it bison?) and he would look to see if there was any hard fat on it.

Tuesday I e-cycled to yoga and a viol concert in KoncertKirken. As usual Bjorn had reserved the sofa for me.

Thursday I decided I’d go to get my ‘flu jab but arrived at the doctor’s so puffed out that he listened to my lungs and sent me straight back to hospital with suspected lung collapse. After several hours of ultra sound, x ray, ECG and blood tests the verdict was that “everything was normal, or at least normal for me”. One thing I learnt was that part of my lung has been removed. Something else I didn’t know before and had not expected! I said the Serenity Prayer, used all my skills to breathe deeply and direct my thoughts back to seeing the family at New Year. At several days remove, I have concluded that my body is adjusting to the withdrawal (gradual) from the pain killers and still healing. I must walk each day, do the physio, psycho and self-compassion exercises, eat and wait. I will give it until my next check-up in February and ask then about how much lung they removed, why, and what I can expect to be the new normal in terms of oxygen uptake and activity.