Thank you dear friends for sending me messages and wondering how I am because of the lack of an update. Things are going on steadily: I’m still puffed, enjoyed yoga, had a good session with the physio – so not much to report. In fact one of the reasons I haven’t updated, or replied to emails, is that I quickly get back ache sitting at the lap top.

A friend came to dinner and asked, “how long do you think it will take to get back to normal?” What a question! It completely threw me and I started to stammer, “I’ll never be the same again” and the tears welled up. Thanks to Bjarne, I’ve been working on “my plan” for how to cope when sad thoughts get triggered; I grabbed it and more or less composed myself. Keith saved the moment with a comment about how new opportunities come, like my e-bike. Thinking it through since I’ve been composing the answer that I should have given; something profound like, “nothing is ever the same again, there are always new opportunities, you can not step into the same river twice”. I recognise that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is giving me excellent practical tools. However, not being religious, I do need something to help me get a perspective on it all. A quick look on Wikipedia has made me think that perhaps learning more about the Stoics might be a good place to start.

On to something more prosaic: The bison fat tasted excellent and I used it in the Christmas puddings. However, last weekend we did find some kidneys complete with fat in a butcher in Torvehallen. The kidney’s were delicious and the fat is now shredded and frozen for future steamed treacle puds.

I expect the next update to be after Christmas.