We are just back home from a week with Ruth and Matthew in Beccles; I thrived! We had left the booking to fly over til late in case I wouldn’t be up to it, but my recovery is going well and as long as I get my afternoon nap and keep to the “only one thing a day” rule I am coping very well. We went for two long walks along the beach, visited friends, and did crafts and talked about Philip Pullman’s “Dark Materials” books with the grandchildren. I feel good!

I still get breathless, but it is getting easier to go up stairs. My left side ribs are still numb (paralysed?) and it feels like a tight iron band around my chest, but I have exercises and will give them time to see if there is improvement. My hair is growing thick and curly and is about 1.5 cms long. And I am trying hard to sit up straighter and not slouch. Just before Christmas I was back with the nutritionist who weighed me in at 49.9 kg; a gain of 900g in a month. I am pleased and encouraged by that because it is really hard work eating six times a day.

I have several projects to look forward to in the new year: first I must catch up with sending out our Christmas and New Year’s greetings. After that I have a new knitting project for Sam, intentions to do more at KoncertKirken and to arrange a meeting at the Red Cross to breathe new life into New Times. Hopefully, I will also feel strong enough to start painting again…… yes lots of ideas, but I must take it slowly!