The last post I wrote about my new e-cycle. This time I can report about my Flexwarm electric jacket. It is pretty cosy; especially as I tend to have it on high and with the heating on both the front and back panels. Then the battery last for 3.5 hours. The jacket fits snugly under my well-loved, windproof, but rather light-weight, winter coat so now I’m well-protected against the cold, indoors and out.

I am getting stronger and now weigh 51 kg and my hair is getting curlier. I am surprised how many people find stroking it irresistible!

I have joined an informal art group which meets on Tuesday mornings at a Senior Centre in Valby. I know I used to go to Senior Keep fit at the local gym, but in general I don’t really associate myself with being “a senior”; probably because most of our friends seem to be about 20 years younger than us. I should be less prejudiced and embrace the opportunities. My art buddies are a fun, knowledgeable bunch and we give each other good feedback. I have also signed up to join a group doing life drawing, or Croquis as it is called in Denmark, on Tuesday evenings in February. I know … I know … both are on Tuesdays – bang goes my “one thing a day” rule. I’ll see how it goes.