“No sign of any illness”, (ingen tegn på sygdom) those were Peter Meydahl’s words today at my check up. I realise how tense I have been during the week. This is the first check up after the latest op and it was very unlikely that they would find more tumours so soon, especially as they grow so slowly. However, I have learned not to be complacent; and it is a good result.

I asked whether I could expect my breathing to get back to the same level as before this operation. The operation itself was very big because the tumours were in a difficult to reach location, but they only took a small part of the pleural membrane, not lung tissue, so the answer is yes, hopefully in time I will get less puffed.

Hopefully, time is also what I need for the feeling to come back in my rib cage. The nerve got damaged in the operation and sometimes it heals, sometimes it doesn’t. But hopefully I will be able to cope better because my brain will learn to disregard the sensations of tightness and it will become more comfortable, for instance, wearing a bra.

Apparently, my blood count is low and I should get it checked in a month.

Tomorrow we go to Scotland for 10 days and when we come back I’m booked in to yoga and keep fit at Fitness.dk. I decided against taking the offer of training at the cancer centre because it is on machines, which are just too boring! I’ve also had my last “cancer yoga” session. I enjoyed the course and do feel better for it, but now I feel ready to move on.

Moving on mainly involves painting more, finishing knitting Sam’s jumper, helping more at KoncertKirken, again getting involved with New Times at the Red Cross and being more sociable. So I don’t think I’ll have much time for writing this blog! My next check up will be in the summer and, all being well, that is when I expect to post next.

But .. finally … just to add that I intend to keep on practicing the exercises I learned from Bjarne, accept that I’m now in palliative care, work on keeping fit, know that time heals and be kind to myself.