“No sign of local or distant recurrence” is the verdict today after the latest scan, which is a huge relief.

I have had some other health issues since the last blog, that I hope will resolve themselves. On balance and all things considered, I am fairly well and don’t really want to start on more investigations, blood tests and hospital visits. However, I think it is worth mentioning them here, if only for the record.

My platelet count is consistently lower than average and my LDH level is higher. Lasse, my GP is “keeping an eye on them”, but they could indicate so many things – and nothing, especially with my cancer history. So waiting to see seems the best policy.

Since October, I feel as if I have had a constant cold, or at least a runny nose and stuffy sinuses. Lasse thinks it is more likely they are a series of colds as a result of a weakened immune system. Now it is summer and I still have the same symptoms, so the spotlight turns on the question of: is it allergy? I certainly can’t match the onset of the symptoms with any cause or identify any pattern. I often wake up snuffly, or it might come on for a couple of hours, and then disappear.

Since about February, I have noticed that I often get flushed cheeks. Again it is erratic. The flushing might flare up for an hour or two and then subside. Lasse sent me to a dermatologist, who declared that it is eczema and gave me some Elidel cream. I’m following the treatment until August, when I have to go back for a check up. I am sorry to say that I wasn’t impressed with the dermatologist as he didn’t take a close look at me or my face for the 20 seconds he was in the room. My rash doesn’t correspond to any pictures or descriptions of symptoms that I can find on the Internet. Anyhow, I’m following the advice and will take it from there. Maybe he is a very experienced genius? Wait and see!

If I have complaints it is that I am pretty tired and sleep a lot. Morning is my best time of day. I still get puffed very easily and there is still no feeling in my ribs on the left. But then, my hair is growing and I manage to shop and cook more often and to paint more. After all it is only 8 months since the op and I tell myself to remember that I am giving myself two years to get over it.

I go to keep fit and yoga at the gym, which, to my surprise, I am actually enjoying. There are new instructors, who make each session different and thus definitely not boring.

The garden is looking splendid and since the beginning of June have been sleeping outside on the balcony. Writing this blog just now, I realise that, in fact, I feel rather positive. What have I got to complain about? I will be in Scotland for all of July with lots of friends visiting and then 10 days with all the family.

My next check up will be in December