I have just come back from getting the result of my latest scan and the results are good; no sign of a return of the cancer. We discussed that I have been getting increasingly out of breath the last 2 months and that my heart beats irregularly. The doctor listened to my lungs, felt my pulse and ordered an Xray and a lung function and heart test. The xray I had immediately, the lung function test is next week and they will think about the heart test when they have those results.  I got the impression that they were just following up and that they were not overly worried. However, to make extra sure they are also giving me another scan in 3 months time to keep an eye on me. 

I get very good care here, which is one of the reasons we stay in Denmark. Would I get such good treatment under the NHS? It is something that worries me, but not for myself as I am OK and whatever happens with Brexit, I should have my Danish citizenship by next April. But what about my loved ones in the UK? Of course I hope they don’t get ill, but what if they do need care?

I wrote last time about my interest in Stoicism and how I feel it helps me keep on an even keel. I continue to practice and reap the benefits. One of the exercises is to meditate on nature and this has had an influence on my watercolour painting. For some weeks now I have been enjoying the glorious colours in the autumn leaves; I love playing with the “wet in wet” effects merging the yellows, greens and browns especially of horse chestnuts and beech. Even old and wrinkled like me they are beautiful!